5 Powerful Habits of ‘A’ Players

//5 Powerful Habits of ‘A’ Players

5 Powerful Habits of ‘A’ Players

Take any B-school book, and you will find that it talks about various aspects, features and requirement of skillful management. Most management books focus on plans, control, leadership, strategy and organizing things. It is quite true that all these factors are of great importance in business. However, no book tells ‘A’ players about how to unlock the energy within the team members.

An ‘A’ player cannot just sit in his cabin and run the business through a remote control. He also needs to engage with the employees, his colleagues and the top management people. Plus, of course, nowadays his social network requires attention too. He needs to give them all a vision and also have the capability to unite them for a common goal. A good ‘A’ player brings out the finest qualities of everyone participating in a business goal.

So what qualities make a natural-born ‘A’ player?

With my decade and a half long recruitment consulting experience, I have discovered that all ‘A’ players have a few key habits in common, and with a little effort in the right direction, anyone can develop these ‘A’ habits in themselves. Here I discuss five most prominent habits of an ‘A’ player that anyone can follow to make a key difference to their team and organization.

1) Be a willing giver
Givers prioritize helping others. If the leader of the team is a giver, then it alters the behavior and the norms of the rest of the team as well. The rest of the team members too feel compelled to help others. Thus the givers become role models for other team members and help to change behavior norms of the entire team, ultimately contributing to the organization as well.

2) Energize others
‘A’ players are masters at getting things done in their organizations. They understand that just giving orders to complete the task may not bring in good results. They realize that inspiring employees and team members to give their best is the right way to get work done. Energizing others is the most prominent habit of every ‘A’ player. And it is achieved by leading right from the front.

3) Listen to others
Technology has an important place in our life, but it has a few disadvantages too. We are in virtual contact with everyone through the social media network surrounding us. Everyone wants to give nuggets of wisdom to others, but no one has the patience to listen to others. An ‘A’ player develops the habit of listening to others’ views and problems and is willing to spare some time for them. When you have the patienzmce to listen to others, you find it easier to zero in on the hitherto unnoticed points.

4) Dare to fail
It is neither possible nor critical that you come up trumps at every front. However, as an ‘A’ player, it is essential that you cope with failure with equanimity. Failing is the first step towards success. Understanding and taking the responsibility of a failure or a loss on a project is an ‘A’ player’s habit.

5) Know your customer
‘Knowing thy customer’, that’s also a vital habit that an ‘A’ player must cultivate. The customer is the king and your first preference should be getting to know him, understanding his needs and dealing ably with him.  If the customer is satisfied, nothing can stop an ‘A’ player from success.

If you have all these habits, then achieving success will not be a mission impossible.

Image Credits: Kevin Dooley under CC License

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