Behavioural Event Interview (BEI)

//Behavioural Event Interview (BEI)

Behavioural Event Interview (BEI)

It’s been researched and established that BEI (Behavioural Event Interview) is the most reliable form of interviewing to predict the likelihood of success of a person at a particular assignment. Assessment centers are the best form of selection of people, but the cost, time and resources needed for the same make it difficult to implement the same in most of the situations.

“Tell me something about yourself.”

“Please take me through your background.”

“What are your career aspirations?”

“What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

etc. are very typical questions used in most interviews. Repeated studies and experiences do not help much to assess the competence of a person for a particular job. Despite against such interviewing methodology, Why is it that most hiring managers and HR managers do not adopt the reliable interviewing methodology of Behavioural Event Interview.

A quick survey done by M2S Consulting revealed that almost 99% of the Hiring Managers did not use BEI (Behavioural Event Interview) in their selection and recruitment process.  Surprisingly 27% of the HR professionals were not even aware of this methodology. The balance were aware,  24% were using adapted version of BEI and the balance 49% through awareness of the same never used BEI or its adapted version for assessment of  recruitment at leadership level. Only 2% of the professionals surveyed were trained in BEI. This data essentially points out that interviews are being conducted using interview methodologies that are far less reliable than a proven system.

According to a study conducted in USA, 46% of the new hires fail in the first 18 months of their jobs. Considering the state of scenario, is it not very urgent to start implementing a structured Behavioural Event Interview process? Hiring  top talent in India or elsewhere a significant challenge. A suboptimal hiring results in suboptimal performance. The value of a bad hire is not only limited to the direct cost of hiring, but also, the opportunities lost by a business by not hiring the right competence is not quantifiable easily.

Hiring ‘A Players’ requires a diligent discipline and application of mind for the right assessment. We are at the cusp where business organizations no longer wish to squander their already highly stretched resources on hiring ‘B” and ‘C’ players. In a competitive, slow economic growth market scenario, hiring ‘A’ Players through  structured process like the BEI or similar methodologies is imperative to stay competitive.

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