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Third Party Recruitment

As an integral part of the recruitment methods, third-party sources for hiring on the essential roles of management consultants and assist an organisation in the process of scoping and consequently ascertaining the best aspiring applicant that congruously augments the institution. Intrinsically, as the head of an [...]

Can a Coach generate significant ROI for your Business?

Are you a sports lover? Are you a fan of any particular footballer? No, this isn’t a contest. These questions are just for your own consideration and are intended to take you to another goal altogether. Let’s assume that your favorite footballer is Lionel Messi. You will [...]

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Creating a talent pipeline instead of hiring !

If you were the head of a company, would you not have liked having options of various prospective and probable candidates at the ready? This is exactly what we discuss with the concept of ‘Talent Pipeline’. The idea behind this concept addresses the very issue of [...]

Feng Shui in Business – A new perspective

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese discipline that’s employed to usher prosperity and positive energy into your premises. If you are thinking that I am now going to tell you how to apply those Feng Shui elements to bring success to your business, well, you are [...]

5 Powerful Habits of ‘A’ Players

Take any B-school book, and you will find that it talks about various aspects, features and requirement of skillful management. Most management books focus on plans, control, leadership, strategy and organizing things. It is quite true that all these factors are of great importance in business. [...]

Positive Thoughts

“An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality.”  - Brian Tracy We do love to hear such positive thinking quotes which dole out doses of motivation, don’t we! It is quite true that positive thinking can work as a great tool towards overcoming [...]

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