Feng Shui in Business – A new perspective

//Feng Shui in Business – A new perspective

Feng Shui in Business – A new perspective

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese discipline that’s employed to usher prosperity and positive energy into your premises. If you are thinking that I am now going to tell you how to apply those Feng Shui elements to bring success to your business, well, you are partially correct! I am going to tell you about the elements, as well as their human representation in your company.

One of my friends is a great believer in Feng Shui. He recently invited me to take a look at his remodeled and redesigned office that now incorporated Feng Shui elements. I wondered if any physical modifications could indeed bring in prosperity.

When I visited his office, I did find tremendous energy in him and almost all his employees. Impressed and curious, I listened very attentively as he explained the modifications and all the Feng Shui elements that he had brought into his office space. Listening to him, I discovered quite a few interesting and surprising things. The most important thing that I discovered was that while the physical changes were all to his office premises, the corresponding Feng Shui elements were directly related to the people working in his organization. It matched my own beliefs in the sense that I too deem human factors to be more important than the Vastu of the place where we live and work.

I am jotting down some of my key observations for the benefit of anyone who wants to utilize Feng Shui for their business.

Feng Shui Laughing Buddhas: As per Feng Shui, The Laughing Buddha minimizes stresses and worries and brings joy and happiness to your life.

Let’s see it from a human perspective. You can have employees that connote The Laughing Buddhas in your organization. Such employees are energetic and have a positive attitude. They don’t panic and strive to face challenges with ease and bring prosperity to your organization. Their positive attitude removes mental clutter. Once the minds are clutter-free, you find tremendous energy flowing through the entire organization. Such laughing Buddhas are crucial for every organization as they spread their happy energy among others too.

Feng Shui Money Frog: As per Feng Shui, The Money Frog is a symbol of opportunity, fertility, rebirth and transition.

Let’s view this as a team metaphor. I see the attribute of The Money Frog in the teams we employ. A flexible team is like a frog (able to survive in water as well as on land) and it can survive any changes occurring in the organization. A team with such an adaptive mindset contributes positively to the success of the business and the organization. Each and every employee who views a challenge as a new opportunity to rejuvenate himself and bring prosperity to business is a living Money Frog. Such team members with high adaptability towards challenges can actually transform businesses.

Feng Shui Three Turtles: The Three Turtles represent three healthy and happy generations living together.
When I translate The Three Turtles into their organizational equivalence, here is how I view it. When you recruit an ‘A’ player into your organization, first ensure that the person is capable of handling employees from all levels – superiors, juniors and peers. If he can manage the team well and carry them along with him like the 3-tier tortoise, then the company will run smoothly for years. This signifies to me that an ‘A’ player should be like a tortoise.

The theme of harmony being the central element of Feng Shui, unison between an individual and his organization can work as a major factor in creating a successful organization.

Do you think that people in your organization need the Feng Shui touch?

Image Credits: Pietro Motta under CC License

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