Feng Shui in Business – A new perspective

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese discipline that’s employed to usher prosperity and positive energy into your premises. If you are thinking that I am now going to tell you how to apply those Feng Shui elements to bring success to your business, well, you are partially correct! I am going to tell you about the elements, as well as their human representation in your company. One of my friends is a great believer in Feng Shui. He recently invited me to take a look at his remodeled and redesigned office that now incorporated Feng Shui elements. I wondered if any physical modifications could indeed bring in prosperity. When I visited his office, I did find tremendous energy in him and almost all his employees. Impressed and curious, I listened very attentively as he explained the modifications and all the Feng Shui elements that he had brought into his office space. Listening to him, I discovered quite a few interesting and surprising things. The most important thing that I discovered was that while the physical changes were all to his office premises, the corresponding Feng Shui elements were directly related to the people working in his organization. It matched my own beliefs in the sense that I too deem human factors to be more important than the Vastu of the place where we live and work. I am jotting down some of my key observations for the benefit of anyone who wants to utilize Feng Shui for their business. Feng Shui Laughing Buddhas: As per Feng Shui, The Laughing Buddha minimizes stresses and worries and brings joy and happiness to your life. Let’s see it from a human perspective. You can have employees that connote [...]

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Positive Thoughts

“An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality.”  - Brian Tracy We do love to hear such positive thinking quotes which dole out doses of motivation, don’t we! It is quite true that positive thinking can work as a great tool towards overcoming obstacles and reducing our stresses. Positive thinking is very helpful for both- individuals as well as businesses. That’s the reason; organizations regularly conduct seminars and workshops on ‘positive thinking’ so that positive thoughts keep echoing in the minds of their employees. However let me point out a much neglected but very vital point. Positive thinking alone is not enough. It needs to be followed by positive action too. You see, if positive action is neglected, positive thinking alone will not bring home benefits for you. Yet most of the time, we skip this very crucial step of blending positive thoughts with positive actions. Positive Thinking Vs Positive Fantasy Having unrealistic expectations or having fantasies is very different from positive thinking. Quite often both these terms- positive thinking and positive fantasy - are misinterpreted as being synonymous. Thinking of reducing your weight by thirty kilos is a nice goal and it does reflect a positive thought process towards gaining better health. However this positive thought alone cannot induce a reduction in your weight. To shed the extra kilos, you need to exercise and follow healthy food habits on a regular basis. Only then will you see the kilos drop and the weighing scale needle inch leftwards. This rule applies to all goals, whether it is scoring in grade exams, reaching your customer targets or running a business. To illustrate my point through the words of a very practical genius, let [...]

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The must have “A”s of an ‘A’ players

“A”s of an ‘A’ players Are you searching for an ‘A’ player for your company? Then what is the benchmark when you select an ‘A’ player for your business? We cannot list global qualities of an ‘A’ player because every company/ every organization has a different perspective of their ‘A’ players. The definition of an ‘A’ player differs from industry to industry, company to company for their ‘A’ player based on roles. Hence, how to decide whether a candidate selected is an ‘A’ player? You can test an ‘A’ player for your company by A3 Test. Now what is A3 Test? You can test him on Ability, Aptitude and Attitude. Ability: Ability is the first criteria of A3 test. The knowledge and skills of the ‘A’ players are crucial. Since an ‘A’ player has to lead others, his knowledge in that particular field helps him to guide others. Also, his expertise helps the company to grow. Every skill of an ‘A’ player finally contributes to the firm as well as to his team. Aptitude: Every person cannot have mastery in all the fields. So, it is true that even ‘A’ player lacks some skills. Moreover, you may ask, how will he tackle the situation without proper knowledge. Here comes the second element “Aptitude”. Every ‘A’ player has an unique aptitude that he is always ready to learn new things. He is always flexible to adapt himself to the new changes. He readjusts the new skills easily and quickly and makes himself ready for the new changes. Attitude: Our third element of A3 test is Attitude. The unique styles of ‘A’ player is that he adjusts to any team and any company culture. Here, he needs [...]

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