Can a Coach generate significant ROI for your Business?

Are you a sports lover? Are you a fan of any particular footballer? No, this isn’t a contest. These questions are just for your own consideration and are intended to take you to another goal altogether. Let’s assume that your favorite footballer is Lionel Messi. You will agree that as a footballer, Messi has exceptional skills. Now think and answer. What factors have gone into making him such a terrific player? Has he acquired his exceptional footwork, dribbles, passes and more all on his own? Your likely answer is that the factors that make Messi such a terrific footballer are his talent, hard work, determination and consistent practice. Indeed, his skills and efforts have played a crucial role in his success. But we cannot overlook the role that his mentors and coaches have played in honing his talent. It is his coach who gives him directions, plans a strategy for him to follow and helps him improve his skills. You see, coaching skills are vital too. So are there any similar business coaching skills too? Can we benefit with coaching from peers? Will it help our business grow? Let us first check what these coaching skills are: The ‘Ask’ approach: A good coach always gives importance to asking powerful questions rather than merely doling out instructions. He allows the employees to come up with far more committed and engaging solutions so that they are motivated to put in extra efforts to reach or exceed their goals. An employee, who generates his own ideas, not only enjoys personal development, he also contributes significantly to his company’s progress. No ready-made answers: A coach is not required to provide ready-made answers or solutions to employees. Instead of spoon-feeding them, [...]

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