Positive Thoughts

“An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality.”  - Brian Tracy We do love to hear such positive thinking quotes which dole out doses of motivation, don’t we! It is quite true that positive thinking can work as a great tool towards overcoming obstacles and reducing our stresses. Positive thinking is very helpful for both- individuals as well as businesses. That’s the reason; organizations regularly conduct seminars and workshops on ‘positive thinking’ so that positive thoughts keep echoing in the minds of their employees. However let me point out a much neglected but very vital point. Positive thinking alone is not enough. It needs to be followed by positive action too. You see, if positive action is neglected, positive thinking alone will not bring home benefits for you. Yet most of the time, we skip this very crucial step of blending positive thoughts with positive actions. Positive Thinking Vs Positive Fantasy Having unrealistic expectations or having fantasies is very different from positive thinking. Quite often both these terms- positive thinking and positive fantasy - are misinterpreted as being synonymous. Thinking of reducing your weight by thirty kilos is a nice goal and it does reflect a positive thought process towards gaining better health. However this positive thought alone cannot induce a reduction in your weight. To shed the extra kilos, you need to exercise and follow healthy food habits on a regular basis. Only then will you see the kilos drop and the weighing scale needle inch leftwards. This rule applies to all goals, whether it is scoring in grade exams, reaching your customer targets or running a business. To illustrate my point through the words of a very practical genius, let [...]

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