Writing Down Goals

//Writing Down Goals

Writing Down Goals

Do you think that writing down your goals is funny? You might believe it is a myth that success rate is more if you write down your goals.

We know that you are very busy…. So even if you are busy, please don’t hand over the attached paper to your secretary to fill it on behalf of you.

We all know the importance of goal settings! Moreover, many of us have succeeded in achieving the goal. However, are you happy with what you gained? Or you still find something is missing? Even after achieving lot of success, you still find your success is incomplete. …Why does it always happen? This is because while you were busy in achieving success, you were focused on your primary goals. However, what about the other minor things which were equally important? There lies the magic of WRITING DOWN YOUR GOALS.

We assure you that this is going to be a great gift for you that ever have received. Also, you will accept it within three months.  Still thinking that writing down is not going to help you?

Take a pen or pencil and start writing down on the paper attached herewith. You hear it correctly. Write down all your goals. Make a list of all goals that come in your mind. Let it be your dreams or any wish, just write it down. Do not worry if your list is too long.

New Year Gift From - M2S Consulting India Private LimitedThen take a look at your list of goals. You will be surprised to see that few things like watching movie, spending time with your kids, appreciating your employees were in your subconscious mind….. It is accepted that all these things cannot be referred as goals. However, they are closely related to your main goal. Your family and your employees are equally important to you. Family supports you, and your team supports your company. Do you remember when you have been with your family on a long vacation? Do you remember when you have celebrated your success with your staff? If you still have doubt that writing down is just a myth, then have a look at the following points which will make your doubts clear.

  •  Subconscious mind starts working: As we said earlier, there are many things in your subconscious mind that you actually want to do. However, they are in your subconscious mind, and they disappear. Once you jot down them, your mind starts thinking about them seriously.
  • Less conflict: Seeing visually your goals have better impacts than just having them in your mind. When you write it down, it becomes easier to prioritize your goals. Also, it becomes very easy to set the time limit or decide your deadlines for goals when you see them right in front of you. Also, the result will be less conflict in your mind regarding the goals.
  • Great filtration:  Jotting down your goals, allows you to filter the irrelevant, immeasurable goals as well as goals of less importance. This helps you to be more specific towards your goals.
  • Visual in front: Writing down your goals should be accompanied with displaying it in front of you. So that you can always have a constant reminder of it. Use Sticky Notes in office and even at home, make it wallpaper for your PC/laptop and mobile. You can print it on t-shirts… Make it much more real! Make it real in more different way!
  • Brings clarity: Visually seeing the list of your goals, give you the clarity about your progress. How much you have succeeded and how much effort you still need to put to achieve it.

90% of people who say they do not have TIME, actually they are NOT MAKING THE TIME. Please don’t get counted in these 90%. The moment you write the goals, that action puts them into existence. Let us give a try and share your experience with us.

Also gift this unusual gift from us to your team and loved ones. Let it spread to as many people as possible and help them realize their perspective goals.


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