Five must have skills for ‘A’ players

//Five must have skills for ‘A’ players

Five must have skills for ‘A’ players

In today’s fast-paced global economy, every company wishes to be the best. Moreover, the success of the company depends on the skills of the ‘A’ player of the enterprise. Recently we held a seminar on How an ‘A’ player can bring rapid progress in the organization. During the discussion, we spoke about the five essential characteristics that ‘A’ player needs to pay more attention . ‘A’ player has to recognize them and adapt them accordingly.

Focus: The first quality that a leader requires is to identify the problem, analyze it and understand what is more important and what is least. You may notice that your team is wasting time in preparing meaningless reports, unnecessary PPT’s or discussing unwanted agendas. In such cases, you need to be firm and take decisions to come up with some appropriate directions. ‘A’ player also needs to convey this issue to other ‘A’ players as well as ‘B’ players. The shared focus will help you align other stakeholders to the objectives, by getting their buy-in.

Culture: As an ‘A’ player you need to understand the behavior of the other employees. Creating a culture of focused working towards the goal will help reduce conflicts, doubts and lack of commitment.  The culture of your organization depends on you. Healthy organization culture will add value to your output.

Win Other’s Minds: ‘A’ player has to understand the ‘B players’. However, this need not require changing their attitude. He has to win them over and their minds. This will also indirectly reflect on the overall work and thereby increase the productivity of the organization.

Cultivate Leaders in Others: Is it necessary an ‘A’ player leads from the front. No company would expect him to do all the work by himself. However, the real ‘A’ player must have the capacity to inspire a team. He must have the capability to spread the work among the team leaders in a way that they will learn some new skill as well as contribute to the growth of the company. We can as well state that he/she should know how to cultivate leaders in others.

A celebration of Wins: And lastly the crucial responsibility of a senior executive is to create a lively atmosphere in the organization. He or she must appreciate the efficient working of others as appreciation always motivates others. A player passes the message that everyone is equally important, by celebrating smaller successes.

We are of the opinion that these are a must have qualities of an ‘A’player. The success of ‘A’ player depends on what skills he/she has. They have the potential of bringing a far-reaching  change in the organization by their energetic attitude. The above skills will help the ‘A’ player create an environment of success in the organization.


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