The must have “A”s of an ‘A’ players

//The must have “A”s of an ‘A’ players

The must have “A”s of an ‘A’ players

“A”s of an ‘A’ players

Are you searching for an ‘A’ player for your company? Then what is the benchmark when you select an ‘A’ player for your business? We cannot list global qualities of an ‘A’ player because every company/ every organization has a different perspective of their ‘A’ players. The definition of an ‘A’ player differs from industry to industry, company to company for their ‘A’ player based on roles.

Hence, how to decide whether a candidate selected is an ‘A’ player? You can test an ‘A’ player for your company by A3 Test. Now what is A3 Test? You can test him on Ability, Aptitude and Attitude.

Ability: Ability is the first criteria of A3 test. The knowledge and skills of the ‘A’ players are crucial. Since an ‘A’ player has to lead others, his knowledge in that particular field helps him to guide others. Also, his expertise helps the company to grow. Every skill of an ‘A’ player finally contributes to the firm as well as to his team.

Aptitude: Every person cannot have mastery in all the fields. So, it is true that even ‘A’ player lacks some skills. Moreover, you may ask, how will he tackle the situation without proper knowledge. Here comes the second element “Aptitude”. Every ‘A’ player has an unique aptitude that he is always ready to learn new things. He is always flexible to adapt himself to the new changes. He readjusts the new skills easily and quickly and makes himself ready for the new changes.

Attitude: Our third element of A3 test is Attitude. The unique styles of ‘A’ player is that he adjusts to any team and any company culture. Here, he needs to keep his ego away. He must balance his self-esteem with his ego and should encourage the team. His overall healthy attitude will add tremendous inputs for the organization.
When your aim is to grow your organization, then you need to hire competence.


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