Three pillars for the leaders

//Three pillars for the leaders

Three pillars for the leaders

As a leader, whatever you expect to happen or try to make it actually happen depends on the willingness of other people. So, when we speak about successful leadership, it depends on how you motivate others to do the job.

As a leader:

  • Do you need someone to believe in your ideas?
  • Do you want others to buy your product?
  • Do you wish to do something that is of your interest?

As a leader, you need not push them towards your goals. Here we are not talking about how to manipulate others. However, we are talking about empathy…It is not just motivating others, but it’s giving inspiration to others.

How can you achieve it as a leader?

“Feel as you are the other person and start from there” This is the key to inspire others. This rule is applied to all fields, whether it is sales or teaching. Here we can apply a few rules of spirituality to business. You heard it correctly….You have to feel the other person’s feelings, sense how his/her mind will work. You have to see through the eyes of others. When your ability to empathize gets deeper with practice, you learn to settle down your inner state. Once you think from the perspective of the other person, you can sense what’s in other’s interests. Moreover, the power to understand others makes it easier for you to connect to other’s interest.

The process of implementing your ideas becomes easy with the realization of others thoughts. Once you start understanding others, you connect them closely. And hence conveying your ideas becomes very easy for you. Becoming the other person opens up a world of understanding. Here your communication flows naturally and becomes influential. Then this influential communication becomes genuine conversation. This communication by the leader is two-way communications where it is not just giving orders to others. It becomes a mutual learning process for the leader too.  Once you start your two-way communication effectively, you can expand your empathic approach to a large proportion.

We can now say that these are the three fundamental tools that every leader should adopt:

Understanding: Know your needs as a leader and then try to understand the others interest and needs deeply.

Be the other person: Try to think as if you are thinking with their minds, see as if you see through their eyes. Try to sense other’s needs very deeply.

Explore Yourself: Express them how your ideas are in their interests.

You can make big things happen, not by commanding others, but by connecting with them. Leadership is not a war between you and others. It is an excellent relation between you and your followers. Influencing others does not mean controlling them, giving loud talk to others, showing strength with your arguments and showing how many influential supporters you have. It is not about you as a leader. It is the process of perceiving your ideas in the interest of others.

Image Credits :  Dundeagh under CC License

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