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“Make sure you're hiring only ‘A’players.
    If you hire a few ‘B’ players,
      they will hire only ‘B' and ‘C', & pretty soon the
       whole operation is going to pot.”

- Steve Jobs

Setting up Your Winning Team using:

✔Creating Structure and Culture of Goal Achievement

✔Facilitating your ‘B’ Players upto ‘A’ Players

✔Science of Hiring

Values driven Hiring

Values driven Performance

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We Deliver People

You’d think that, in a world with over seven billion people, hiring good people for your company would be easy. Wrong. As it turns out, finding motivated, result-oriented people proves to be a very challenging task. Sure, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the number of applications you receive. Unfortunately, a major chunk of those applicants would just be seat warmers. People who are just biding their time in their current job, all the while seeking greener pastures.Only to find new seats to warm before moving on.

When it comes to the growth of your company, you don’t want seat warmers. You want highly driven, passionate people. Skilled performers who want to make a difference to the companies they work for. People with the right attitude and eagerness. Or, simply put, the ‘A Players’. They need to be searched for, assessed for job suitability and groomed to perform. We help you find these people, helping your company scale new heights.

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Our Happy Clients

It is a pleasure working with Vipul. All in all you cannot go wrong with M2S Consulting
M2S does not end with putting the employer and employee together, their job continues rather relentlessly
The targeted sourcing expertise of M2S and its high quality service facilitates in quick closing of requirements
Prasenjit Phukan, Head of HR, Wire & Wireless Limited, Mumbai, India
The targeted sourcing expertise of M2S and its high quality service facilitates in quick closing of requirements
M2S understands the client requirements well and would have done their homework well before the meeting
Rajat Shakti, Vice President, Medived Innovations , Bangalore, India
I always enjoyed prompt response from M2S.M2S always kept me informed about assessment..Read more…
Sanjay Deshpande, Project Director, i-flex solutions , Singapore
Realization India relies on M2S Consulting for hiring their senior management, sales managers and implements. Read more..
Prabhakar Venugpal,CEO, Realization India